Shelley Bassett




Who is Shelley Bassett? And just what does she do?

Hey there! I’m Shelley Bassett, and this is my online space. Yes, that sounds like I’ve been online since the early noughties. I have been. And in that time I’ve learnt a lot, both about me as a person, and me as a designer. I’m still working on the business aspects of this site, but you can follow along with my progress and thoughts on my blog. Let me tell you about some of the decisions I’ve made to get here.

The Shelley Bassett Brand

The Shelley Bassett brand has always struggled with direction. I’ve tried a bit of everything and regularly end up erasing it all and starting over. But this mismatch of direction is exactly the new plan for Shelley Bassett. I have a desire to create, and that’s not limited to one field. The current portfolio is full and varied, a reflection of the things I love. My passions are not limited to one genre, one style or one medium. And with this iteration of the brand, I’m planning to fully embrace this.

My brand is me, and I am my brand. Shelley Bassett will only be as big and beautiful as I allow it to be. I have dreams and projects that I want to achieve. Things to create. And that starts with a company outline which is now written on the about page.

Finding My Niche

The internet is a big place, and Shelley Bassett is a very tiny concept. The current web focus is on content, content, content. So brace yourselves for that. I’m also aiming to boost my Google rankings from “shit all” (page 4 on a good day) to “mediocre at best” (bottom of the first page). Considering the very large pages that are ranked above me, this will be quite the achievement.

There are very few people who do “everything”. And this is probably put down to the Jack of All Trades idea. But I’m taking the full version of the phrase, which is: “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often times better than a master of one”. I need the variety, as do many others. And I’m hoping that by embracing it rather than fighting it I’ll be much more productive and happier.

Baby Steps

The ultimate goal is still for Shelley Bassett to be self-sustaining. Eventually I would also like it to be profitable enough that it can be not only my full time position, but offer work to others too. Dream big right? There’s a plan for this to happen. And it’s slowly being placed into action. There’s a lot of maths and big scary decisions that go into something like this. So there’s no rush to the finish line here.

I’m also considering advertising. It’s not something I’ve used a lot in the past, but I’m planning on redirecting the funds I save from self-managing my online shop back into the business. This will be in the form of physical things to make my space more workable, as well as digital tools like ads and marketing.

There are no hard and fast rules here. Everything is new and can be experimented with. And when I find a formula that seems to be working. I guarantee you everything will be updated to something bigger, better and shinier.