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Part of the gallery wall in my study studio

Setting up my study studio space in a tiny place

How do you set up a home office to maximise the tiny space? I set up my study studio with room to spare.

Last year I made a big step with my parter. I said goodbye to the first home I lived in by myself, and we moved in together. And my favourite part of this house? The dedicated studio space. My new house is much smaller and has far less space for my creativity, but I’ve still found ways to make it work.

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Painting the letter "M" in watercolour

How to make a coloured font you can really use!

Making a coloured font you can actually type with is a super simple process when you know how. And the results are great!

I’ve written before about the incredible ease of Fontself, but did you know that you can use the plugin to make an installable (and tapeable) coloured font? It’s easier than you might think.

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My 2020 Business Goals

Year-long goals are an important part of planning. My 2020 business goals are no exception.

It’s become a bit of a tradition, first in 2018 then again in 2019, to set myself some goals for the year ahead. I don’t always achieve everything I plan to, but these beginning goals give me some direction on days when I feel a bit lost.

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The Best Fonts for Halloween

Need a sign for Halloween, but not sure what font to use? Here are some of the best spooky fonts for your haunted house

October is the month for all things spooky! If you’re throwing a decked out costume party, or just need some signs to direct the trick-or-treaters, these are the best horror fonts going around.

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typography books

6 Typography Books Every Designer Needs

What typography books does a budding designer need? Here are 6 essentials to any library.

Designers are well known for having a vast library of resources, but if you’re new to the field, where should you start? Here are 6 typography books that every designer needs to add to their collection.

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The original black and gold branding of

Do I need to rebrand? How to tell when you’re out of date

Like most things, branding is an evolution. But when is it time to rebrand? Are you ready to evolve?

It’s been nearly 4 years since I first started and a lot has changed . But does that mean it’s time for a full rebrand? Probably not, and let’s look at why.

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How title sequences shaped my designs

How Title Sequences got me into Design

Title sequences have played a major role in my design journey. These are some of my faviourites, and how they've shaped my designs.

I fell in love with design years before I began studying it. And I didn’t arrive at this career from a love of art or a longing to make better interfaces. No, of all things, it was the title sequences from movies and TV shows that first inspired me. My love affair with them even inspired my university minor.

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Working in social media without the negative side effects

Using social media without the negative side effects is almost impossible, but these hacks could help reduce the stress and FOMO

I’m on social media every day. I use it for marketing my art and products, I manage it at the company I work for and I set up accounts with branding as a freelancer. But it’s become increasingly hard to use social media without the negative side effects. So what to do when you can’t simply delete everything?

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brainstorming ideas before starting a project

3 Questions to ask before starting a project

When starting a new project, there are lots of things to consider. These important questions should be the first things you ask.

It can be really daunting when starting a project. Maybe you’ve just finished something major, or already have several things on the go. No matter what stage you’re at, these are important things to consider before you begin any undertaking.

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Fight decision fatigue with a jar of inspiration

Decision Fatigue: How to stop mental drain impacting on creativity

Fighting decision fatigue can be hard when you have a creative job.

You might have heard of decision fatigue before. And if you didn’t know the name, you’ve certainly experienced the side effects. The generally accepted definition is as follows:

Decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a long session of decision making.

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