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Handwriting Sample

Amazing Handwritten Fonts

Looking to add some personal flair to your next typography project? Try a handwriting font!

Handwritten fonts have a unique place in typography. They can range from beautiful and cursive to blocky and bold. But no matter the style, a handwritten font can bring a flair to even the most dry of projects.

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September 2020 Precious Parcel

What is a “Precious Parcel”?

Precious Parcels are like a warm hug from a friend. A monthly package, themed with item's from Shelley Bassett's shop.

You might have seen Precious Parcels in the online shop, but do you know what they are? Each month, a new Precious Parcel is released, full of lovely stationery things for you to use.

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Being brave and creating something every day

A (very late) 2020 Goal Review

2020 has been really tough, so my mid-year goal review is a little late. But all's fair in love and pandemics, right?

Every 6 months I sit down and conduct a goal review. What have I achieved? What do I need to focus more on? Well, it’ll come as no surprise to discover that I’ve managed to do very little in 2020, and all the goals I set were pre-pandemic and no longer really apply at all. So where to from here?

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How To Create Version Numbers

Need to manage version numbers that make sense? This little tutorial will walk you though everything you need to know.

Version numbers are a crucial part of any software or website development project. But often, they can be confusing or difficult to create and manage. Obviously, you never want a number repeated, and each decimal means something… But what exactly?

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Web design on multiple screens

A professional web developers setup

Are you a budding web developer, unsure about the best programs for your workflow? Here are some tried and true options.

The world of web development can be a daunting place. And the software options are vast and numerous. Don’t expect to find your perfect setup first try. It’s taken me 10 years to decide upon this, and I still think it could be improved upon. But pending further changes, this is my current web development setup.

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Second rebranding of Shelley Bassett

Conducting a website audit: a guide to web redesign

A website audit is an important first step when redesigning or rebuilding an existing site. These steps will help you audit any website.

Redesigning a website isn’t an easy task. When confronted with an existing website that has an overwhelming amount of content, or just a small amount of poor content, finding a starting point can seem impossible. No matter how big or small, the first step should be conducting a website audit.

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Part of the gallery wall in my study studio

Setting up my study studio space in a tiny place

How do you set up a home office to maximise the tiny space? I set up my study studio with room to spare.

Last year I made a big step with my parter. I said goodbye to the first home I lived in by myself, and we moved in together. And my favourite part of this house? The dedicated studio space. My new house is much smaller and has far less space for my creativity, but I’ve still found ways to make it work.

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Painting the letter "M" in watercolour

How to make a coloured font you can really use!

Making a coloured font you can actually type with is a super simple process when you know how. And the results are great!

I’ve written before about the incredible ease of Fontself, but did you know that you can use the plugin to make an installable (and tapeable) coloured font? It’s easier than you might think.

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My 2020 Business Goals

Year-long goals are an important part of planning. My 2020 business goals are no exception.

It’s become a bit of a tradition, first in 2018 then again in 2019, to set myself some goals for the year ahead. I don’t always achieve everything I plan to, but these beginning goals give me some direction on days when I feel a bit lost.

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The Best Fonts for Halloween

Need a sign for Halloween, but not sure what font to use? Here are some of the best spooky fonts for your haunted house

October is the month for all things spooky! If you’re throwing a decked out costume party, or just need some signs to direct the trick-or-treaters, these are the best horror fonts going around.

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