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The original black and gold branding of

Do I need to rebrand? How to tell when you’re out of date

August 2, 2019

Like most things, branding is an evolution. But when is it time to rebrand? Are you ready to evolve?

It’s been nearly 4 years since I first started and a lot has changed . But does that mean it’s time for a full rebrand? Probably not, and let’s look at why.

Rebranding is a massive undertaking, both for the company, and for it’s customers. Philip VanDusen is a branding expert, and has a short video that outlines 4 key reasons to rebrand.

According to VanDusen, the only reasons that you should look at a rebrand is if you’re out of style, don’t match your product, are undergoing a transformation, or no longer feel attached to the existing branding. Notice, time is not necessarily a factor into rebranding consideration. In fact, long standing branding might be a reason to avoid change.

Looking at the Shelley Bassett Evolution

Personal branding is its own special challenge as it focuses more on the feeling and emotion of an individual. The Shelley Bassett brand has gone through several iterations over the last few years. Very few people would recognise its original version, with black and white images, a bold yellow accent and serifed typeface.

The original branding of Shelley Bassett circa 2015

The next design of Shelley Bassett was a total overhaul from the original design. Rather than a hash black and white scheme, the website used a soft grey and complimentary teal. All the typography moved to sans-serif, and clean iconography was introduced.

First Rebranding of Shelley Bassett
First Rebranding of Shelley Bassett circa 2017

The final iteration for Shelley Bassett was a small refresh, introducing a cursive typeface and more imagery. Rather than a rebrand, this was a website redesign to refine the existing palette. It also helped to take into account new features like the blog and shop, with a bold new banner added to the top of the home page.

Second rebranding of Shelley Bassett
Second rebranding of Shelley Bassett circa 2018

Should you rebrand, refresh or retain?

So, how to determine whether to rebrand, refresh or retain what you already have? Philip VanDusen’s video at the beginning of this post is a good place to start evaluating what you have and where you’re going.

The main reasons to change or refresh involve a change in brand direction. If you (or your company) are still working to the same goals as when the brand identity was created, it’s probably best to leave the design alone or use small, subtle tweaks to refine the existing design.

When you take a major step

Of course, if you hate your branding, there’s nothing wrong with scrapping it for something that you actually like.

Rebranding vs Refining

Back to the real world case of my personal branding, after watching Philip VanDusen’s video, and briefly evaluating I could see no real reason to overhaul it yet again. A massive style change like 2017 redesign is going to be overkill at this point. Instead, it seems to be a good time to re-evaluate the brand, with a focus on content is working, especially during expansion into other platforms like YouTube.

There are many reason you might choose to rebrand rather than refine the existing brand. But ultimately, it has to be able to answer the question, will rebranding elevate us to the next level? If the answer seems murky, wait. Brand loyalty and familiarity will carry you further than any fancy redesign.