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A professional web developers setup

Are you a budding web developer, unsure about the best programs for your workflow? Here are some tried and true options.

The world of web development can be a daunting place. And the software options are vast and numerous. Don’t expect to find your perfect setup first try. It’s taken me 10 years to decide upon this, and I still think it could be improved upon. But pending further changes, this is my current web development setup.

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Second rebranding of Shelley Bassett

Conducting a website audit: a guide to web redesign

A website audit is an important first step when redesigning or rebuilding an existing site. These steps will help you audit any website.

Redesigning a website isn’t an easy task. When confronted with an existing website that has an overwhelming amount of content, or just a small amount of poor content, finding a starting point can seem impossible. No matter how big or small, the first step should be conducting a website audit.

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My Own Digital Playground

Using old, unused or add on domains as a digital playground is a great way to experiment, learn, practice and challenge yourself.

I’ve built a lot of websites over the years. Like, a lot. But one thing I’ve found with projects is there’s a lot of learning on the fly, and not a lot of space to cement the knowledge you’ve acquired. To counteract this, I’ve started using my own digital playground. Well, more accurately, I’ve made myself a couple that each support a different skill. (more…)

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Why I’m drawn to web development

Web development has been a big part of my life for years. But what keeps me coming back? These are the top 4 reasons I love web dev.

It’s no secret I’m passionate about all things internet. Just the other week I launched yet another website, and I’m already thinking about the next one. But my passion for web development goes back years. I’d probably pin sometime during high school as it being cemented as a part of me, but there’s enough evidence to suggest that web dev was always going to be a part of me. (more…)

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The finished Coloretur website

Designing Coloretur – A Colour Palette Website

How was designed and built, the full design process from inspiration to completion

One miserable Sunday afternoon, I had an idea to bring more colour to my day. And from a silly little conversation, was born. The premise was simple, create a library of colour palettes that were beautiful and usable. (more…)

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mobile first design

What is Mobile First Design?

In this information age, mobile first design is becoming increasingly important. But what is it and how can you implement it into your work?

Mobile first design has been becoming a major focus in the web design industry. It began around mid to late naughties, when it became popular to browse the internet on a mobile phone. The invention of the iPhone and other smart devices cemented it’s place in the online world, to the point where not being mobile-friendly will hurt your Google ranking. Approximately half of all online traffic is now mobile, so you’ll probably find that you need to apply these rules to your sites and projects too. (more…)

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Building a Mood Board

Creating a mood board is an important step early in the design process. A vision, inspiration or mood board can set the tone of the whole project

Just because you have inspiration doesn’t mean you have direction. A solid idea will not make a brilliant outcome. One step that can easily help to both refine the idea and easily and effectively communicate direction with team members is a mood board. These are sometimes called vision or inspiration boards, but basically, they’re another type of brainstorming. (more…)

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Beginning Web Design - Build-Along Tutorial Series

Unpacking a Brief | Beginning Web Design

Starting a new web design project can be daunting. But it get's a little easier when you know the steps. This week we're starting from the beginning, and learning about unpacking a brief

Any design project is really about solving a problem. It might be huge like world hunger, or small like telling a short story. No matter the size or scale of the task, the first step is to understand the task itself. While unpacking a brief might sound difficult or unnecessary, it’s the most important step. Reading and understanding the brief is key to creating the best solution. It can be challenging to understand exactly what a client is asking for, but taking the time here will result in a far better end product. (more…)

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What I Miss Most About Creative Web Design

Having worked in a corporate environment for over a year now, here are the things I miss most about creative web design projects

I’ve been working for a corporation for more than a year now, and most of my time is spent updating and developing websites to market their products. And while this is a good, stable job that pays my bills, the sites I create follow very strict guidelines. It’s nothing like the creative web design projects I was able to undertake at university. This mostly comes down to the sites needing to be highly usable and purpose built for SEO (search engine optimisation). Even my Shelley Bassett site follows these rules and is very uniform in it’s approach. (more…)

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