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brainstorming ideas before starting a project

3 Questions to ask before starting a project

When starting a new project, there are lots of things to consider. These important questions should be the first things you ask.

It can be really daunting when starting a project. Maybe you’ve just finished something major, or already have several things on the go. No matter what stage you’re at, these are important things to consider before you begin any undertaking.

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Building a Mood Board

Creating a mood board is an important step early in the design process. A vision, inspiration or mood board can set the tone of the whole project

Just because you have inspiration doesn’t mean you have direction. A solid idea will not make a brilliant outcome. One step that can easily help to both refine the idea and easily and effectively communicate direction with team members is a mood board. These are sometimes called vision or inspiration boards, but basically, they’re another type of brainstorming. (more…)

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Alto's Adventure

6 Stunning Mobile Games to Fall in Love With

I have a bit of a soft spot for stunning mobile games. Not only are they great for passing time, but with beautiful designs and attention to detail, some are truly works of art

Mobile games are awesome. They’re everywhere your phone is, and great when you have an empty pocket of time. I’ve even built my own endless runner game. But is there such a thing as a stunning mobile game? Can a tiny game in a phone really be as incredible as a AAA game for PC or console? Well, yes. But it’s a little bit different. Mobile games are limited to just that, being mobile. But that hasn’t stopped some developers from making truly beautiful works of art. In no particular order, here are 5 amazingly beautiful and deeply stunning mobile games you’re guaranteed to fall in love with. (more…)

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Brainstorming different topics for a website

3 Ways to Brainstorm

You can brainstorm in a number of different ways. Here, I talk through of my favourite brainstorming activities.

The first step of any creative project is to brainstorm for a “solution”. Design is all about solving a problem, and often the first idea isn’t the best. You can brainstorm for any number of topics, from the overall concept to the presentation of data. All that matters is creating a thorough and diverse picture of the options, to make choosing and refining easier. (more…)

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6 sketchbooks of varying sizes and colours piled up

How To Use a Sketchbook

How to use a sketchbook for a number of different purposes, and why pen on paper is so important

What is a sketchbook? To some, it’s just blank paper bound together. But to me, it’s a necessary creative tool. It’s both a way to problem solve and a way to self express. It’s a really organic process, where there are no restrictions but my imagination and the size of the page. Over the years, I’ve filled dozens of sketchbooks, and there are a few key points to consider. (more…)

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Finding Inspiration

Sparking inspiration and ideas from unlikely sources

Sometimes finding inspiration is really hard. Even though I have quite a diverse portfolio, I regularly hit the dreaded “writer’s block”. And while it’s not always words I struggle to find, hitting upon that initial creative spark is something any creative is constantly chasing. You can’t predict when or where creativity will strike. There’s no way of knowing where the next idea will spring from. But when I’m struggling with finding inspiration, there are a few things that can can help break the creative slump. (more…)

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