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setting goals for 2019

Setting 5 Goals for 2019

Every year I set some new resolutions. These are my top 5 goals for 2019.

In 2018, I set myself some goals, then revisited my progress in the middle of year. This method helped me to keep on track and actually achieve most of the resolutions. With the new year looming, I want to implement the same system, but with some different goals.

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How to keep having fun with design

Having fun with Design

Having fun with design is an important part of both work and play. Here's how being a bit silly helps improve my skills.

What’s the saying? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? Yet sometimes I find that I’m fighting just to keep up with work, and it’s all I ever do. Lately, I’ve tried to lighten up and have been having fun with design.

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Being brave and creating something every day

Being Brave: How to Get Shit Done

Being brave is incredibly hard when you have no confidence. But even with anxious moments, I'm learning how to get shit done.

I’m not a brave person. I’m a worrier, and a procrastinator and a perfectionist. But I’m not brave. This week though, I’ve made some big steps towards having confidence and being brave.

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Using the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress

Using the Gutenberg Editor

I've installed WordPress's new Gutenberg editor on a few of my websites now. Here's how it interacted with my current and custom themes

WordPress’s new Gutenberg editor has been a controversial addition to the platform since its announcement. But after experiencing the editor with the optional plugin, I’ve come to love it. It’s a refreshing experience to the WordPress editor.

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Any notebook or scrap page will do to make a lost moments list

Having a Lost Moments List: How to be Motivated when you’re Just Not

I often find myself with lost moments, times when I can't seem to do anything. So I found a way to get motivated when I'm struggling.

Lost moments suck. Sometimes they extend into lost days. At one point in my life, I had a lost year (or two). Getting out of these slumps can seem impossible at the time. How do you find motivation when you just don’t have any? I’ve asked this question so many times to so many people. And no one seems to have anything practical to say. But I’ve found something that works for me. So maybe it’ll work for you too. (more…)

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My Own Digital Playground

Using old, unused or add on domains as a digital playground is a great way to experiment, learn, practice and challenge yourself.

I’ve built a lot of websites over the years. Like, a lot. But one thing I’ve found with projects is there’s a lot of learning on the fly, and not a lot of space to cement the knowledge you’ve acquired. To counteract this, I’ve started using my own digital playground. Well, more accurately, I’ve made myself a couple that each support a different skill. (more…)

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A Birthday Letter To Myself

A Letter to Myself

Writing a letter to yourself seems like a childish activity, but it's a cathartic process that can help give you perspective on life.

It’s my birthday! I know turning 26 isn’t much of a milestone. I’m not having a party or large celebration. But rather than let the beginning of my 27th year sneak in without fanfare, I thought it might be nice to write a letter to the past and future versions of me. (more…)

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Why I’m drawn to web development

Web development has been a big part of my life for years. But what keeps me coming back? These are the top 4 reasons I love web dev.

It’s no secret I’m passionate about all things internet. Just the other week I launched yet another website, and I’m already thinking about the next one. But my passion for web development goes back years. I’d probably pin sometime during high school as it being cemented as a part of me, but there’s enough evidence to suggest that web dev was always going to be a part of me. (more…)

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Using AJAX with WordPress

Using AJAX with WordPress is a little more complicated than the standard scripts. Follow this tutorial for any WordPress theme or plugin

AJAX requests are everywhere. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) allows calls to the server without interfering with the rest of the page load. This asynchronous behaviour is very useful, especially when loading times are important. When it comes to theme and plugin development Using AJAX with WordPress is a little more tricky than the standard application. Let’s get into it. (more…)

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Setting guides for Fontself in Adobe Illustrator

How to use Fontself

Want to know how to use Fontself to create custom fonts? This easy step by step guide will get you started.

I’ve fallen in love with Fontself. It’s a great plugin for Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop, providing an easy way to create custom fonts, both in standard black and colour SVG. Follow along with this tutorial to learn how to use Fontself. It’s not hard to get started, all you need is your editing program, the Fontself plugin, and an idea.  (more…)

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