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Setting guides for Fontself in Adobe Illustrator

How to use Fontself

Want to know how to use Fontself to create custom fonts? This easy step by step guide will get you started.

I’ve fallen in love with Fontself. It’s a great plugin for Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop, providing an easy way to create custom fonts, both in standard black and colour SVG. Follow along with this tutorial to learn how to use Fontself. It’s not hard to get started, all you need is your editing program, the Fontself plugin, and an idea.  (more…)

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Save Metadata to a Custom Taxonomy

After making custom post types and custom taxonomies, it’s often useful to add custom meta fields so that extra variables can be added to help define the taxonomy. It’s easy to save metadata to a custom taxonomy, and can provide some great functionality.

After making custom post types and custom taxonomies, it’s often useful to add custom meta fields so that extra variables can be added to help define the taxonomy. It’s easy to save metadata to a custom taxonomy, and can provide some great functionality. (more…)

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The finished Coloretur website

Designing Coloretur – A Colour Palette Website

How was designed and built, the full design process from inspiration to completion

One miserable Sunday afternoon, I had an idea to bring more colour to my day. And from a silly little conversation, was born. The premise was simple, create a library of colour palettes that were beautiful and usable. (more…)

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Customising the WordPress Login Screen

Need a custom login screen for your WordPress site? Editing the default one to match your website is easy

When publishing a website that many different people will log into, it’s nice to have a custom login screen that reflects the design of the website or the brand of the company. It helps with user confidence too. A custom log in screen tells the user that the place they’re entering their secure data (like a username, email or password) is actually with the company they intent to be using. With all these benefits to a custom log in screen, lets add one to WordPress! (more…)

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Having a Backup Plan

Why having a backup plan is important

Life happens. It gets in the way and does unexpected things. This is why having a backup plan is so important.

“We’re moving to Plan B“. Not always the words you want to hear. In fact, they’re often the opposite of what we want to hear. But the thing no one tells you about Plan B is that having a backup plan means that the show can go on. It’s not a preparedness to fail, it’s a recipe for success. I’ve often struggled with the idea that having a Plan B doesn’t mean failure, but recently, I could have used a backup plan. Here’s what a Plan B really looks like, and why you should probably make one too. (more…)

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Create Custom Image Sizes in WordPress

Setting custom image sizes is a really great way to maintain control over how content is added to a post without needing to edit each image

When developing a theme, you have to think about both how a website will be viewed, as well as how new content will be added. Oftentimes, you won’t have control over the posts being added to a site, or won’t have the time to manually edit images before uploading them. This is where custom image sizes come in handy.


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Fitbit Alta HR

5 Reasons I Love FitBit

I've owned a FitBit for a while now, and I'm a bit of a fan. Theses are my top 5 reasons to use FitBit products

My weight (and also general health) has been all over the place for a while now. It’s taking some serious commitment to try and bring it back into line, and while I don’t feel like I’m succeeding yet, there is one tool that’s really helping. I’m using a couple of different FitBit products to help monitor, track and motivate me to make a lasting change in my life. (more…)

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How To Use Custom Metadata

If your posts have custom fields, you might be wondering how to use custom metadata. This tutorial walks through calling and displaying custom fields in the WordPress loop.

Many plugins offer custom fields for posts. We’ve even spoken about how to add this metadata via a plugin or theme. But how do you use custom metadata? It’s pretty simple, and involves calling the field from the database, then displaying it on a page in the theme. (more…)

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Making the switch to MailerLite

I've recently moved all my email marketing from MailChimp to MailerLite. Here's why you should too.

A few months ago I set up a MailChimp account to manage my email marketing, and what a roller coaster that was! Now, I’m using MailerLite and everything is smooth sailing. This isn’t sponsored by MailerLite, I just really love the service they’re providing! Here’s why I made the switch, and why you should consider it too.


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Enqueuing Style Sheets in WordPress

Every website is designed using style sheets. But did you know there are several different ways of enqueuing style sheets in WordPress?

Enqueuing style sheets in WordPress is the beginning of any theme template. There are only 5 files required for a WordPress theme, and style.css  is one of them. But do you know how to correctly insert this file? Or that there are ways to enqueue multiple style sheets, or page specific ones? WordPress is a powerful tool, and utelised properly, can create some very quick-loading websites. (more…)

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