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Chickpea, sausage and spinach

Counting Calories: Week 1

The very beginning of my calorie counting journey.

Managing my weight has always been a struggle. I can swing from being borderline underweight to incredibly overweight in a matter of months. And while everyone’s advice and concern is nice, it’s never really made a difference. But now I need to actually start paying attention. After the shock that was standing on the scales last weekend, I made a choice to start figuring out why my weight fluctuates so much. The simplest rule I could find was that the energy going into my body should be proportional to the energy I use each day, with a deficit if I plan to lose weight. So with this in mind, I started counting my calories. (more…)

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Creating Ambiance with Background Noises

Choosing the soundscape to set the mood

Working full time in a creative field, and then dedicating my downtime to personal creativity, I spend a lot of time thinking, planning, and then performing repetitive tasks to execute an amazing final piece. Sometimes, it’s nice to sit in silence and hear your own thoughts. But there are other times when voices in my head are deafening and distracting. It’s these moments that I need to fill the silence with some background noise. I rarely choose to use music to fill the space. Anything with lyrics can stop the flow of thoughts in my head, and I find that I’m singing along to something rather than working on the task at hand. (more…)

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Finding Inspiration

Sparking inspiration and ideas from unlikely sources

Sometimes finding inspiration is really hard. Even though I have quite a diverse portfolio, I regularly hit the dreaded “writer’s block”. And while it’s not always words I struggle to find, hitting upon that initial creative spark is something any creative is constantly chasing. You can’t predict when or where creativity will strike. There’s no way of knowing where the next idea will spring from. But when I’m struggling with finding inspiration, there are a few things that can can help break the creative slump. (more…)

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A Peace of Lettering

Finding balance with word shapes

It’s no secret that I love fonts and lettering. There are handcrafted fonts in my shop, and creative uses of typography in my portfolio. But for me, words and letters have a far reaching impact.

Writing has always been a part of my creative outlets. I’m not very good, and don’t expect to be a published novelist, but it’s a way for me to think through noise and sort my thoughts out.

Lettering and typography help me keep my sanity in a number of ways, and the peace that they bring to a busy day is always welcome.


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