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A Birthday Letter To Myself

A Letter to Myself

September 21, 2018

Writing a letter to yourself seems like a childish activity, but it's a cathartic process that can help give you perspective on life.

It’s my birthday! I know turning 26 isn’t much of a milestone. I’m not having a party or large celebration. But rather than let the beginning of my 27th year sneak in without fanfare, I thought it might be nice to write a letter to the past and future versions of me. Dearest Shelley,

Somehow, this is harder to write than all the little notes I leave throughout the house. I thought it would be easy to sit here and talk to you, the same way I do every day. But now I feel pressured to have a thoughtful reflection and considered goals. And honestly, I have neither. But you know this.

I’ll do my best to provide some insight into what I’ve learnt and where I think life’s going. Don’t hold it against me if I’m terribly wrong.

To The Me That Was Before

25 treated us well. There’s a job that pays well, a house that’s still standing and a boyfriend who is loving. Chester is still kicking, although a little worse for ware as he ages. Even the little car is still chugging along. 25 was a good year, despite what your depressed brain might think.

Honestly, this last year has flown by. Yes, there are moments when it feels like it’s taking forever, but the reality is that things are changing fast. The relationship is getting more and more serious, this blog is gaining more and more views. Goals are being met, and you’re progressing towards the dream at an alarming rate. It feels more and more important to review goals and have introspective times as we grow and change. Perhaps this is the reason we’ve started accumulating so many self-help books.

But the past is past. We’ve made the tough choices and set the goals. You have to trust that these were right at the time, and remember that they can be changed for the future. So much of our anxiety stems from making the wrong choice, but it rarely seems to matter. Thank you for pushing though and making the decisions that will shape who and where we are tomorrow.

To The Me That Will Be Tomorrow

26 seems like it might be a big year. And that’s okay. 25 let us consolidate who we are and where we’re going. It’s time to step out and follow the plan. Have confidence that every detail has been agonised over and perfected. You know the outlook and the goals. Fulfill them.

Focus on the things you have control over. Focus on creating, building, and growth. You have a huge list of projects to try, and it’s time to take the plunge. Who cares if it fails? You have a mountain of past failures in the study, but each served a purpose. It takes so many attempts before you get it right. Just start. Make something terrible.

And please. For the love of all that is clean and smells nice, get organised. You’re not a teenager with a messy bedroom anymore. It’s time for the house to be a grown-up space, with laundry that’s folded and dishes that are clean. This will always be an impossible task for us. But it’s time to start really pushing towards this. We’ve tried in the past, so it should be a little easier this time.


In the words of the all important whiteboard, be better.

Love, Present Shelley.


PS. Don’t give up the soap dream.