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Happy snap from Saturday morning... before the vet trip

Taking a trip to the vet

Poor Chester needed a visit to the vet last weekend. And it wasn't all good news either...

Taking Chester to the vet is not an easy task. He’s not so great with travelling, and hates his box, the car, and really anything that isn’t home. But last weekend we had to bundle him up and take him for a drive.  (more…)

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10 Quick Facts About Chester

Introducing the fluffiest and most ginger member of my family, Chester. Or Chester Bear as he's also affectionately known.

So you’ve noticed that I’ve got a cat. He makes appearances on my blog from time to time, and is a little hard to miss, what with being a golden ginger colour and also bloody huge! This is Chester, aka Chester Bear or Chess (depending who you ask). And just because he’s so pretty and I love him very much, I thought it might be nice to tell you a little bit about him. Yes. I’m very excited. I love this stupid cat. (more…)

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