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10 Quick Facts About Chester

April 13, 2018

Introducing the fluffiest and most ginger member of my family, Chester. Or Chester Bear as he's also affectionately known.

So you’ve noticed that I’ve got a cat. He makes appearances on my blog from time to time, and is a little hard to miss, what with being a golden ginger colour and also bloody huge! This is Chester, aka Chester Bear or Chess (depending who you ask). And just because he’s so pretty and I love him very much, I thought it might be nice to tell you a little bit about him. Yes. I’m very excited. I love this stupid cat.

What’s in a name?

Mum named the cat. When we first adopted him, we knew he would be exclusively an indoors cat. So after much hunting through the baby names book, and several terrible suggestions from my brothers and I, she suggested Chester. According her name book, Chester means dweller of a walled estate; which seems especially appropriate considering he’s an indoor cat. Somehow we found a name that means “haha indoor cat”!

Chester: Dweller of a walled estate

But those nick-names? Well, Chess is just short for Chester. And Chester Bear is kinda obvious when you see the size of the cat.

A very handsome ginger cat called Chester

A very handsome ginger cat called Chester

As for other things he responds to? I use bug and hey you a lot. Also cat. Why confuse him by calling him something he’s not?

A funny little man

Many internet cats get their name or comedic value from the way they look. Grumpy Cat would be the obvious example. But not Chester. Nope. He looks regal and poised in photographs. But secretly, he’s very funny. Chester’s comedy is physical. He’s clumsy as all hell. Can’t balance on anything. Jumps in the air if you look at him wrong. Will fall over at the strangest times (and in the strangest places). Death glares people for no real reason. And best of all, he’s gotta investigate everything.


The comedic stylings of Chester are fantastic. He throws his whole body into the “joke” (sometimes literally). He loves to be the centre of attention, provided no one decides to touch him.

10 Quick Facts about Chester

  1. Adopted in 2008
  2. Weights upwards of 6kg
  3. Sits on command
  4. Will climb over every other human to get to the lap he wants
  5. Only has 1 tooth
  6. Was an RSPCA rescue
  7. Has his own Instagram account
  8. Loves the black eco-friendly shopping bags
  9. Suuuuuuuper talkative
  10. Obsessed with food, yet also hella fussy
Chester and Shelley having a moment together on the sofa

Chester and Shelley having a moment together on the sofa