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A list in a notebook of blog ideas

5 Goals for 2018

February 23, 2018

Setting 5 open-ended goals to kick start 2018, and hopefully achieve great things!

It’s halfway through February already, and while I don’t believe in new year resolutions, I do believe in setting goals. For me, goals and checkpoints help to keep me focused and give me something to work towards. I get very easily distracted, so a list of goals is a good way for me to focus my efforts and actually achieve something.

2018 could finally be make or break for my online capers. I’ve been working on this site slowly for years, and the design has gone through several major overhauls. Each was a little better than the last, and I think I finally have a design that is both functional and user-friendly, while also being aesthetically pleasing to my tastes. The end of last year saw a big push from me, with several new blogs and a business plan overhaul. As always, the surge that comes from those decisions has dwindled, but the drive has not. I learnt a lot over the summer, and am ready to share some new goals. They might sound a bit generic, but they are each an important part of growing this site, and keeping me sane in the process.

1. Blog more

I’ve actually really enjoyed the little bit of blogging that I did last year. Most of my hang ups from blogging come from my own self-esteem and imposter syndrome. I never feel like my voice is a worthwhile contribution to the design or development communities. While this obviously isn’t true, and I have both a portfolio and job to prove it, it’s something I’m always going to struggle to overcome.

A list in a notebook of blog ideas

The blog ideas in my business notebook

To push past this, I made myself a list of topics I want to talk about. These range from how to build aspects of a website to how I keep my pot plants alive. I’m planning to post this content regularly, and am begging to schedule posts to help me reach this goal. Hopefully, I’ll share a blog once a week. But even once every two weeks, or once a month is a good start here!

2. Expand the shop

So far my online shop only has a few fonts. But this is absolutely going to change. I have other resources for designers and developers sitting around my computer, that I created for myself, but other’s could advantage from. It’s time to share these. I also want to add some small merchandise pieces, like key rings. I love the whimsy of  key rings and magnets, and want to share the joy they bring. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I should stock.

African Violet leaves in glasses of water

Water propagated African Violet leaves.

The other thing to look out for will be plants. I accidentally turned my laundry into a greenhouse, and am being overrun with different plants, mainly African Violets. This is a very long term goal, as they take time to grow, but cultivating them has brought me so much joy. This is definitely a labour of love.

3. Passion Projects

One thing I haven’t done in quite some time is create something above and beyond just because. My portfolio is filled with projects that I loved developing for the pure joy of making them. Sure, they were all based on briefs for university assignments, but without real-world restrictions, my creativity ran riot. Some focus on story telling, some let me learn a new coding skill. All of them were interesting, fun, and challenging. Since graduating uni, I really haven’t created an new projects. Most of my time is spent developing things at work. And while that sometimes give me the opportunity to develop new skills or further existing ones, I can’t be creative just for the sake of being creative.

animation cel of water droplet girl in pastels

Assana, from the ‘Water and Ice’ animation

The passion project goal is a small one. And it might not even happen. But ideally, I’d love to make something just for the sake of making it. Just to try something new, be it a technology, art style or medium.

4. Social Media

I’m already getting better at having a social media presence. Slowly. Really slowly. If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll have noticed I’m posting more regularly, as well as sharing stories. For someone who works on social media for a living, I’m really terrible at running my own!

Again, baby steps is my goal here. I’ve implemented some new tools to help keep me focused and remind me to post things. I work on things constantly, I just don’t always share it. And that’s what I’m aiming to get better at. Make sure you check out my social media pages in the sidebar. Help keep me accountable!

5. Growth

This is where everything comes together. Hopefully. With all the work creating more content, better products and a curated social presence, it’s time to add advertising and watch this site grow. I know my voice is a useful and valuable asset to the design and development conversations. And I’m looking forward to this blog being a space where I can talk about my experiences, both good and bad. Make sure you leave me a comment to get the ball rolling!