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Using social media when you have nothing to share

Maintaining a social media presence in the middle of a project

January 25, 2019

Struggling to post to social media regularly? Here are 5 tips to help with maintaining a social media presence

It’s no secret, maintaining a social media presence is hard. And it only gets harder when you’re in the middle of a project and have nothing finished or polished to post. So what do you share then?

Like most people, I struggle with maintaining a social media presence when I’m halfway through something. I don’t like cluttering my feeds with works in progress, or ideas that might never be completed. So I’ve had to find different ways to share things online during these times.

Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday

As of yet, this hasn’t been something that I’ve actively participated in. However, its overwhelming popularity means that this list wouldn’t be complete without it. Across social media, the hashtags #tbt, #throwbackthursday, #fbf and #flashbackfriday are regularly seen at the end of each week. The idea is that you post an old photo or piece of work to celebrate (or commiserate) where you’ve come from.

A twist that often shows under these tags is comparisons between old works and something more recent.

Facebook and Instagram Stories

Recently, this has become one of my favourite places to share. My Facebook and Instagram stories are linked, so both platforms see the same content, and I show behind the scenes and more personal things.

This is a great way to encourage participation on each platform, and maintain my audience engagement without posting new content, especially when I don’t have anything that I want immortalised in my feed forever.

Image Remixes

Got something that you’re really proud of? Why not show it in a different way? I’ve used this technique before, with really good results

Saignee font displayed two ways
Saignee font displayed two ways

Posting content in this way could also allow A/B testing on posts, or even introduce new subscribers and followers to old content they may have otherwise missed.

Plus, it presents the opportunity to edit things as your aesthetic and style changes over time. Update the product images with different backgrounds or layouts, show illustrations as scans or in their original sketchbooks. Curate your feed to how you feel now, with work that’s already been created.

Write a Blog

Spoiler alert, I blog regularly. And this is no accident. Besides my love of the written word (it’s a way I process life), my blog is regular, fresh content. It’s a place for me to share thing’s I’m learning, or teach things I’m familiar with.

It means that I will always have at least one thing to share each week, and has the added bonus of linking directly to the work I’ve done. If your work often has long periods where there’s nothing “pretty” to share, try blogging. It provides regular, shareable content, and can help keep long term projects in focus for months.

Share Other’s Work

This last idea applies more to Pintrest and Twitter. Re-pinning and re-tweeting other people can be a great way to keep your feeds fresh without the need to be creating from scratch for each post.

Initially, this felt a bit like cheating. Why would you follow someone who just re-posts others content? Think of it like being a curator. That can be a job in and of itself. People will follow along simply because you’re sharing the best of the best.

There are many ways to keep your social media content fresh and relevant while working on projects that are not considered “shareable”. Look at how others are using the platforms, and adapt these ideas for your own posts.

Got an idea that isn’t in this list? Leave a comment below.