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The Best Fonts for Halloween

October 7, 2019

Need a sign for Halloween, but not sure what font to use? Here are some of the best spooky fonts for your haunted house

October is the month for all things spooky! If you’re throwing a decked out costume party, or just need some signs to direct the trick-or-treaters, these are the best horror fonts going around.

Hot Mess Brush

Hot Mess Brush Font

A dry brush font, the lettering style of Hot Mess will help to give that “written in a hurry” look to any piece. Try using a dark red colour to give it a bloody feel!


With 80’s sci-fi horror making a comeback thanks to the likes of Stranger Things and IT, the edgy typography of the era is also gaining popularity. If that’s the feel you’re after, Darkflow is a great choice.

Muertos Typeface

Going hand-in-hand with Halloween is the Day of the Dead. Celebrated in Mexican cultures, it’s another spirit festival that happens on November 2. The Muertos font is fantastic imagining of the celebration, giving that festive feel with plenty of accents and swooshes to finesse the typography.

Another Danger

Another Danger provides a fast-paced, chaotic look wherever it’s placed, perfect for horror text. It only contains capitol letters, adding to the urgency, and is available in slanted or extra-slanted!

Wahm Two

Looking to add some unsettling text for free? Wahm might just be the font for you. The scratchy, hand-drawn letters are reminiscent of children’s writing, compounding the eerie feeling the typography gives.


Another free font, Odachi is a brush font with a little bit of texture, for the times when you need the writing to be legible, but don’t want to take away from the spooky vibe. It only contains capitol letters, but makes up for this with some glyph alternatives, helping to maintain the illusion of hand-written text.


Got a mystical theme happening this Halloween? Tabu is the font you need! This tribal-inspired font contains decorative AND block letters, as well as a full alphabet of symbols.


My last recommendation is Pandemic, a caps-only font that treads somewhere between brush and block fonts. The rough texture is great for horror text, and there are several alternative glyphs to ensure that each element looks hand crafted.

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