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mobile first design

What is Mobile First Design?

In this information age, mobile first design is becoming increasingly important. But what is it and how can you implement it into your work?

Mobile first design has been becoming a major focus in the web design industry. It began around mid to late naughties, when it became popular to browse the internet on a mobile phone. The invention of the iPhone and other smart devices cemented it’s place in the online world, to the point where not being mobile-friendly will hurt your Google ranking. Approximately half of all online traffic is now mobile, so you’ll probably find that you need to apply these rules to your sites and projects too. (more…)

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Automate Everything using IFTTT

I hate menial tasks and will go out of my way to automate everything. Using IFTTT has been the biggest time saver, with applets for almost anything!

My biggest pet peeve is doing repetitive, menial tasks. And my most hated of these tasks is manually sharing links across my social media channels. Why can’t I just hit post and have it show up everywhere? Turns out I can! IFTTT is a great little service that can automate everything. And I mean everything. (more…)

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