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How To Create Version Numbers

Need to manage version numbers that make sense? This little tutorial will walk you though everything you need to know.

Version numbers are a crucial part of any software or website development project. But often, they can be confusing or difficult to create and manage. Obviously, you never want a number repeated, and each decimal means something… But what exactly?

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Painting the letter "M" in watercolour

How to make a coloured font you can really use!

Making a coloured font you can actually type with is a super simple process when you know how. And the results are great!

I’ve written before about the incredible ease of Fontself, but did you know that you can use the plugin to make an installable (and tapeable) coloured font? It’s easier than you might think.

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Setting guides for Fontself in Adobe Illustrator

How to use Fontself

Want to know how to use Fontself to create custom fonts? This easy step by step guide will get you started.

I’ve fallen in love with Fontself. It’s a great plugin for Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop, providing an easy way to create custom fonts, both in standard black and colour SVG. Follow along with this tutorial to learn how to use Fontself. It’s not hard to get started, all you need is your editing program, the Fontself plugin, and an idea.  (more…)

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BirdFont Interface

3 Quick Ways to Make a Font

It's really easy to make a font. Here are 3 different ways to make a customised font, without breaking the budget.

It can’t be said enough, I love fonts and typography. I love using them, I love making them… I just really like letters. If you want to make a font, but aren’t sure where to start, this is a quick guide for choosing the right program for you. It covers the quick, the free and even creation for those with a bit more experience looking to branch out. (more…)

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Beginning Web Design - Build-Along Tutorial Series

Styling the Project | Beginning Web Design

Styling the project is a big part of creative design. But being able to present those styles is equally important. This is an easy way to create some variety and pitch it to a client.

We’ve unpacked a client brief and done the preliminary research. So now it’s time to start putting together our designs for the project. But before we can dive in and work out some layouts, we’re going to need to start by styling the project. (more…)

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Creating a Style Guide

Laying out a Style Guide

What goes into a style guide, complete with a downloadable template to kick start your design process.

Along with brainstorming numerous ideas and creating a mood board to sum up the final direction, a style guide is an important document for any designer to master. Style guides can be used for a number of reasons, from defining a brand identity to the basic visual guidelines for a new website. Despite the name style guide, the rules laid out in a document like this should be strictly adhered to. Unlike a mood board, this isn’t an inspiration document. These are the visual rules for the project. (more…)

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Beginning Web Design - Build-Along Tutorial Series

Researching an Idea | Beginning Web Design

The first step in any design project is researching an idea, but sometimes this step can be really difficult. Once you know a few simple tricks, having all the information on hand

After establishing the brief and figuring out exactly what the client is after, it’s time to do some heavy duty research to establish our proposal for the client. Researching an idea is how we make sure that we’re creating not only a good, viable solution for the client, but also something new and creative that will contribute to the online community, rather than just copying someone else work. (more…)

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Building a Mood Board

Creating a mood board is an important step early in the design process. A vision, inspiration or mood board can set the tone of the whole project

Just because you have inspiration doesn’t mean you have direction. A solid idea will not make a brilliant outcome. One step that can easily help to both refine the idea and easily and effectively communicate direction with team members is a mood board. These are sometimes called vision or inspiration boards, but basically, they’re another type of brainstorming. (more…)

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Beginning Web Design - Build-Along Tutorial Series

Unpacking a Brief | Beginning Web Design

Starting a new web design project can be daunting. But it get's a little easier when you know the steps. This week we're starting from the beginning, and learning about unpacking a brief

Any design project is really about solving a problem. It might be huge like world hunger, or small like telling a short story. No matter the size or scale of the task, the first step is to understand the task itself. While unpacking a brief might sound difficult or unnecessary, it’s the most important step. Reading and understanding the brief is key to creating the best solution. It can be challenging to understand exactly what a client is asking for, but taking the time here will result in a far better end product. (more…)

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Brainstorming different topics for a website

3 Ways to Brainstorm

You can brainstorm in a number of different ways. Here, I talk through of my favourite brainstorming activities.

The first step of any creative project is to brainstorm for a “solution”. Design is all about solving a problem, and often the first idea isn’t the best. You can brainstorm for any number of topics, from the overall concept to the presentation of data. All that matters is creating a thorough and diverse picture of the options, to make choosing and refining easier. (more…)

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