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Beginning Web Design

Beginning Web Design - Build-Along Tutorial Series

Styling the Project | Beginning Web Design

Styling the project is a big part of creative design. But being able to present those styles is equally important. This is an easy way to create some variety and pitch it to a client.

We’ve unpacked a client brief and done the preliminary research. So now it’s time to start putting together our designs for the project. But before we can dive in and work out some layouts, we’re going to need to start by styling the project. (more…)

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Beginning Web Design - Build-Along Tutorial Series

Researching an Idea | Beginning Web Design

The first step in any design project is researching an idea, but sometimes this step can be really difficult. Once you know a few simple tricks, having all the information on hand

After establishing the brief and figuring out exactly what the client is after, it’s time to do some heavy duty research to establish our proposal for the client. Researching an idea is how we make sure that we’re creating not only a good, viable solution for the client, but also something new and creative that will contribute to the online community, rather than just copying someone else work. (more…)

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Beginning Web Design - Build-Along Tutorial Series

Unpacking a Brief | Beginning Web Design

Starting a new web design project can be daunting. But it get's a little easier when you know the steps. This week we're starting from the beginning, and learning about unpacking a brief

Any design project is really about solving a problem. It might be huge like world hunger, or small like telling a short story. No matter the size or scale of the task, the first step is to understand the task itself. While unpacking a brief might sound difficult or unnecessary, it’s the most important step. Reading and understanding the brief is key to creating the best solution. It can be challenging to understand exactly what a client is asking for, but taking the time here will result in a far better end product. (more…)

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