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6 Typography Books Every Designer Needs

What typography books does a budding designer need? Here are 6 essentials to any library.

Designers are well known for having a vast library of resources, but if you’re new to the field, where should you start? Here are 6 typography books that every designer needs to add to their collection.

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Art and Fear

Art and Fear | Book Review

I read "Art and Fear"... And it wasn't quite what I expected. These are my thoughts and feelings about what the book presented.

At the recommendation of a YouTube video, I picked up this book to try and help myself succeed a little more. Art and Fear, written by David Bayles and Ted Orland was meant to help me find some direction and the confidence to finish things. I’ve read some inspiring books, some that have helped to change me a little for the better. I had high hopes for this book too. (more…)

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