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Making the switch to MailerLite

July 13, 2018

I've recently moved all my email marketing from MailChimp to MailerLite. Here's why you should too.

A few months ago I set up a MailChimp account to manage my email marketing, and what a roller coaster that was! Now, I’m using MailerLite and everything is smooth sailing. This isn’t sponsored by MailerLite, I just really love the service they’re providing! Here’s why I made the switch, and why you should consider it too.

MailChimp have a decent reputation. They’re on almost every DIY list, and have a huge offering of features for a very reasonable price. It seems hard to compete with MailChimp on almost every front. Until you need support.



Support and responsiveness is something I look for in every company I work with. My time is valuable to me, and I appreciate being treated as if it’s valuable to them too. Good customer support will see me staying with a company, despite repeated issues. Bad customer support will see me swiftly leaving to find what I need elsewhere. I apply this to everything, from brick-and-mortar shops to e-commerce sites. Putting the customer (me!) first will always get you the sale.

Why I left MailChimp

Ultimately, customer service was the reason I chose to leave MailChimp. Even though my small mailing list only needed a free account, I had to upgrade to paid to access any support features. While this is costly and far from ideal, their chat system seemed to work, and help responded to me in an okay time frame. But that’s where the support ended.

I was left to source my own solutions to bugs that rendered their service unusable with Google Analytics. And after months of trouble, one particularly frustrating service chat claimed to have a solution to my e-commerce woes, only to have it be inexplicably unable to service my shop. Not a good impression guys!

By the end of the last service chat, their shortcomings were beginning to feel like personal attacks. The last conversation left me in tears, as after an hour with support, he announced yet again that my issue was caused by them, but there was no time frame for anyone to be working on it. I had to find a better company.

Why Choose MailerLite?

MailerLite didn’t come up in any of my initial searches for an email marketing company. Despite boasting 484,278 customers, a Facebook ad was the first time I’d heard of them. But they were well worth a second look. I had a very specific list of things I needed my new company to be able to do for me, and MailerLite has hit all of them. My list looked like this:

  • Excellent customer support
  • Affordable (same price or less than MailChimp)
  • RSS email support
  • E-commerce support (integrated to WooCommerce)
  • List segmentation or groups
  • List and group filtering
  • Easy to use templates

I tried a few different mailing services before stumbling upon MailerLite, but none came close to meeting all my requirements. MailerLite has only stumbled one point so far. If you’re considering changing services, here is why you should take a good, hard look at MailerLite.

Customer Support

As I stated above, customer support is make or break for me, and MailerLite has made it! They offer support for any of their members, free or paid, and it’s located in a handy chat box at the bottom of the screen rather that being buried on a help page. The openness of their communication really drew me to them, and the quick response times is a bonus. The longest wait I’ve had is 15 minutes, and then the chat was live until the problem was resolved.

The suppport team that make MailerLite so great

The support team that make MailerLite so great


Unlike MailChimp, all MailerLite’s features are available on a free account. I won’t need to upgrade to paid until I have 1000 subscribers. But when you break it down a little further, MailerLite is actually better value than MailChimp at any paid account size. There are no restrictions on emails sent, it’s all solely on subscribers. 1000 MailChimp subs is $20/month, but MailerLite’s is only $10/month. Immediate savings.

RSS Emails

If you’re a blogger, or subscribe to a blogger, you probably get emails to inform you about an new post or article. These are often done by linking a site’s RSS feed with the email service. Because my main content is my blog, this feature was important to me. As I was reading through the features of email marketing companies, it became obvious that not everyone was offering the same service. I break my list into groups, so that only those interested in web design will get web design emails.

RSS to a specific group was a sticking point of several services I tried. But not MailerLite. Once I had set up my subscribers into groups, the platform let me send any campaign to them. Easy as pie!

WooCommerce Integration

I run my shop using WooCommerce, and it works well for me. But I wanted to capture the emails of my customers to send them thank-you messages, as well as give them the change to opt in to sales marketing and blog notifications. MailChimp did this beautifully, and also offered some other e-commerce options that I was using. This is the only place that MailerLite falters.

E-Commerce integrations offered by MailerLite

E-Commerce integration offered by MailerLite

MailerLite’s WooCommerce “integration” lets me capture the emails, but that’s about it. I can’t do any remarketing, send abandoned cart messages or know which products were purchased. This was the issue I contacted the support center about. And although he acknowledged the shortfalls of the plugin, he did give me some helpful suggestions to use workflows and make my own system. It’s not perfect, but I think it works!

List segmentation, groups and filtering

This point came about because of other companies inabilities to send RSS emails to a list group. But MailerLite offers so many different ways to group and filter contacts I haven’t even discovered that I’m not worried about any shortcomings here. I can filter by date, name, birth date, purchases, acquisition and a tonne of other options to really start targeting my emails.

Templates and Email Creation

You’d think this would be a standard feature, but of all the email marketing services I tried, MailerLite has been leagues above the rest. MailChimp really set the bar for drag and drop email creation, but MailerLite rose to the occasion and setting up my email templates has been a breeze. I’m no stranger to complex code, but some of the other mail UI’s I’ve contended with have been nothing but frustrating. This was a nice, usable surprise.

Templates supplied by MailerLite

A sample of templates supplied by MailerLite

Staying with MailerLite

After all the fuss trying to find a company that will meet my list of expectations, it’s nice to be with someone who outdoes them. MailerLite has been easy and helpful at every turn, returning emails, chatting with me and linking me to blogs and forums that are full of useful information. The transition has been seamless, those I’ve contacted didn’t even notice a change. But I have. I’m far less stressed about email marketing, knowing I’ve got a company on my side willing to go the extra step for me.