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September 2020 Precious Parcel

What is a “Precious Parcel”?

November 30, 2020

Precious Parcels are like a warm hug from a friend. A monthly package, themed with item's from Shelley Bassett's shop.

You might have seen Precious Parcels in the online shop, but do you know what they are? Each month, a new Precious Parcel is released, full of lovely stationery things for you to use.

That’s a very simple description of a Precious Parcel. So lets dive in to what’s included in each package.

Care Package from a Friend

When conceptualised, Precious Parcels were meant to first and foremost meant to feel like a gift from someone who cares. During the pandemic lockdown, receiving packages in the mail were often the highlight of the day. Precious Parcels is a way to keep that warm feeling going, even as the world begins to recover.

September 2020 Precious Parcel
Waratah Precious Parcel

Precious Parcels are like having a pen pal that never gets mad when you forget to write back. Life gets busy, we get it. So this is a little pick-me-up that doesn’t demand any return investment from you. Just enjoy the happy feels!

Overflowing with Gifts

Each Precious Parcel is a glimpse into the current line in the Shelley Bassett Shop. They’re stuffed full of stickers, stationery and artworks, including exclusive pieces only available in Precious Parcels. Items will vary month on month, so you’re guaranteed no double-ups and a unique surprise every time you open the mail.

They also make great presents for a stationery lover in your life. And with limited numbers of each theme, it’ll be a truely unique gift.

More for your dollar

Precious Parcels are incredibly affordable at only $18 each. And you’re going to get way more value than that in each package.

October 2020 Precious Parcel
Gothic Romance Precious Parcel

Every package contains 3 products that are also available in the shop, in addition to sweet treats and exclusive gifts. And like everything in the Shelley Bassett shop, it’s all hand made!

Ready to order one? Check for existing stock or pre-order an upcoming package in the shop now!