Shelley Bassett



Traditional Art

suburban ecology design document photograph

Suburban Ecology: Saving Our Frogs

Research project for Australian native frogs

A research project into the lives and habitats of frogs in urban and suburban areas, Suburban Ecology aimed to discover how local homeowners could have a positive impact on Australia’s native populations. By consulting with ecology and environment experts, collecting anecdotal as well as quantitative data, and looking at how people are already designing their gardens, this project aimed to find new ways to encourage people to design with local ecosystems in mind.

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mixed media journal cover image

Art Journal

A Mixed Media Experiment

An art journal, or therapy journal, is a place to freely create, express one’s self and just explore without the pressures of creating a polished piece. This was a  personal project, creating a mixed media spread each day for a month. The subject of each piece was drawn randomly from a jar of prompts, and from this, the theme was explored and the page was created.

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