Shelley Bassett



Film and Animation

alchemist 3d animation scene

The Alchemist

3D Modeled Poster

“The Alchemist” is a 3D modelled poster, with a focus on light and texturing. Each element was modelled in Maya, and textures were created in Photoshop. The final composition was rendered from Maya, and adjustments were made in After Effects. Although meant to be viewed as a film poster, “The Alchemist” is viewable as an animated short, showcasing the entire scene and the models within it.
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animation cel of water droplet girl in pastels

Water and Ice

2D Traditional Flipbook Animation

Water and Ice is a traditional animation project, presented as both a filp-book and looping film. Drawn in lead pencil and coloured with soft pastels, the final piece contained 272 individual illustrations.
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suburban ecology design document photograph

Suburban Ecology: Saving Our Frogs

Research project for Australian native frogs

A research project into the lives and habitats of frogs in urban and suburban areas, Suburban Ecology aimed to discover how local homeowners could have a positive impact on Australia’s native populations. By consulting with ecology and environment experts, collecting anecdotal as well as quantitative data, and looking at how people are already designing their gardens, this project aimed to find new ways to encourage people to design with local ecosystems in mind.

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job trials short film key style frame

Job Trials

Student Film

This short student film aims to highlight the inequalities between men and women in the workforce. While not everyone will experience these differences, most of us will notice some disparity between the way men and women are treated during our professional careers.


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eugene and toby 2d animation key style frame

Eugene and Toby

2D Flash Animation

A short looping animation created in Adobe Flash, Eugene and Toby is the story of an old robot and a very enthusiastic turtle. Although a digital finish, Eugene and Toby uses traditional frame-to-frame techniques to give it a hand-made feel.
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flour sacks 2d animation key style frame

Flour Sacks

Cel Animation

Drawn with pencils on paper, scanned and then composited in Adobe AfterEffects, these short animations aim to display the 12 principles of animation.
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vaccination animation key style frame


PSA Advertisment

A short kinetic typography piece created in Adobe AfterEffects aiming to educate the general public about the advantages of childhood vaccination.
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