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Interactive Media

Massacre in Melbourne Title Card

Massacre in Melbourne

Augmented Reality Web App

“Massacre In Melbourne” is an interactive and immersive experience, taking you through a tour of Melbourne’s darkest underworld locations. You will follow the footsteps of detective Peyton McMillan, as he tries to solve the… Massacre In Melbourne.

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feature hero image on urban green garden


Native Garden Website

UrbanGreen.Garden exists to encourage users to introduce native plants into their urban or suburban gardens. The site was created during a second-year class, and showcases layout design and photography with an emphasis on usability.
Beginning life as a global catalogue, UrbanGreen.Garden was refined to Melbourne, and evolved from a general plant list to a concept that would focus exclusively on native plants. To do this, it was decided that the site would focus on garden designs, both new and existing, and incorporating local native plants into them. This is the website concept explored and developed into the final website.
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the colour trip design document cover and logo

The Colour Trip

What is Colour?

The Swinburne University Capstone Project is designed to push students skills, and create a body of work from across the entire class. In 2015, the project was Science Island, a project aiming to teach 11-year-olds a simple scientific concept. This game, and its accompanying animation, storybook and experiment, was showing how we see light, using photons and colours of the rainbow.
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twitterverse 3d planet


Interactive Installation

Twitterverse was a data visualisation concept, using keywords in tweets to generate a low-poly universe for a user to explore. Early concepts included dynamically created lists and options, however, for the prototype, these were replaced with pre-generated terms. Ideally, the results would have had geolocking capabilities, giving the installation some whimsy as you browsed tweets about a festival or location you are attending.
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mongol ulus duu mongolia song ipad app screen

Mongol Ulus Duu

Mongolia Song iPad App

“Mongol Ulus Duu” (Mongolia Song) is an iPad app / sound module based around and inspired by the instruments found within traditional Mongolian music culture.
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soviet constrctivism title home design document page

Soviet Constructivism

Themed Narrative Website

Constructivism (also Soviet or Russian Constructivism) is style of painting, sculpture, photography, design and architecture beginning in the late 1910’s. This project combines the constructivism style with the lyrics to Louise Bogan’s poem “Medusa”.
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