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June 9, 2016

Native Garden Website

UrbanGreen.Garden exists to encourage users to introduce native plants into their urban or suburban gardens. The site was created during a second-year class, and showcases layout design and photography with an emphasis on usability.
Beginning life as a global catalogue, UrbanGreen.Garden was refined to Melbourne, and evolved from a general plant list to a concept that would focus exclusively on native plants. To do this, it was decided that the site would focus on garden designs, both new and existing, and incorporating local native plants into them. This is the website concept explored and developed into the final website.

The site was developed following a mobile first approach. This ensures, that with increasing smart-phone use, users will be able to comfortably view each page on any device. The site is responsive rather than adaptive; with each device showing the same page (no, and takes into account landscape and vertical views with both phones and tablets.

Since no back-end code will be created for this project, anything relying on databases will be limited. There will be a single garden page and a single native plant page, showing the layout that databased pages could use as a template with some editing.

A full colour scheme, branding and typography rules were all created for the site, along with a complete design document. Photography was also taken exclusively for this project, and is showcased across both the website and documentation.

The prototype version of this website is available for visitors here.

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