Custom WordPress Builds

  • Roots Sage
  • Roots Bedrock
  • WordPress
  • GitHub CI/CD

Theme development using

Building WordPress themes using Bedrock and Sage from the stack gives custom sites a simple starting place and fosters collaboration amongst the development team. By using the Laravel-based Blade templates with TailwindCSS styling, developers always know what to expect when opening an existing project.

Setting studio-wide version control

Version control is an important part of any projects development lifecycle, but this is notoriously tricky to manage with WordPress. Beckrock from turns WordPress into a Composer package, allowing control over what version is being used and which plugins are installed. This has become a key part of SWiM Communication's studio workflow.

Custom Gutenberg blocks

Using GitHub for CI/CD

Allowing manual access onto a server should be avoided to reduce human error. With version controlled WordPress, CI/CD was capable via GitHub actions. This was configured to automatically pushed staged changes to a development server, then could manually deploy the final code to the live site. This simple change drastically reduced deployment time and bugs.